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Knives designed for the preparation of sushi - from breaking down the fish to slicing individual pieces.

Deba  Thick-spined knives designed to butcher fish, including filleting and cutting through fish bones.

Yanagiba  Long, single-beveled knives used to slice raw fish, usually for sashimi and sushi. Takohiki are a regional variation of the yanagiba with a square-tip.

Sujihiki  Long, double-beveled knives meant to cut large, clean slices of meat.

Usuba  Thin profiled vegetable knives for push-cut chopping and rotary cutting thin sheets.

Sushi Knives

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Sakai Takayuki INOX Japanese Chef Series 8A Steel Deba Knife
From $169.00
Sakai Takayuki INOX Molybdenum Japanese Chef Mioroshi Deba Knife
From $229.00