Seisuke Knife strives to offer customers the best service possible by making considerable efforts to improve our management systems and our customers’ experience.

Our Abandoned Goods Policy highlights the steps we will take should a customer's goods be abandoned or left unclaimed.

If a customer brings a knife for sharpening or repair, and is “abandoned” by the customer for a period of 90 days (from the date we first contacted the customer), we will contact you a final time. If we don't receive a response from the customer for an additional 30 days, we will recycle, or otherwise dispose of the item as a loss recovery measure, to recover the cost of repairs carried out and labour time already spent on the services, etc.

Seisuke Knife will make every reasonable best effort to contact the customer by text, phone call, and email (where such methods of contact are available) during the period, and if after this time, we have received no response from the customer regarding the item we will implement this Abandoned Goods Policy.

For orders placed online for in-store pick-up, customers will have the same period of time to receive their goods or contact us before their order is cancelled and refunded.

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