Isamu Takamura founded Takamura Cutlery in post-war Japan. Working in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, an area with a rich history of knife making, Takamura-san set out to create the best quality knives he could forge from stainless steel. While unpopular at the time, Takamura-san spent countless hours experimenting in order to produce blades with the same sharpness and edge retention as those made of high carbon steel, but that did not stain or rust.

Takamura Cutlery went on to become one of the first manufacturers to utilize High Speed Powdered Steel (HSPS), forging knives from R2/SG2 steel to improve on the already sharp and edge retaining qualities of their knives. Use a knife forged by Takamura Cutlery and you will notice a smile naturally come to your face!

Takamura Knives

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