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Here we'll walk you through the various services we offer with descriptions of each.

About our Process

We believe that quality sharpening services should be available to everyone no matter your income. We strive to supply fast and reliable sharpening services while maintaining high quality standards.

Drop-off or mail-in your knives and in just a couple days we'll have them sharper than when you bought them. We put care into every knife we sharpen and offer a variety of services to keep your knife performing like new.

Double Bevel Knives

Basic Sharpening

Finished on a medium grit stone wheel

This is our most affordable sharpening option. We'll freshen up the edge of your knife on our Japanese horizontal stone wheel and finish it with a quick de-burring on our leather strop.

This is a "quick and dirty" sharpening method. While we generally recommend either our Medium or Fine Sharpening options, this will get your knives usable in a pinch. 

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Medium Stone Sharpening

Finished by hand on a medium whetstone (~1000 grit)

We'll recommend this service based on the type of steel your knife is made from and what tasks it will be used for. Starting the same as our Basic Sharpening service, we'll establish a clean edge on our horizontal wheel. Next we'll move to a medium grit sharpening stone; this is where the magic happens.

Working by hand we are able to even out your bevel leaving a smooth yet "toothy" edge. This is perfect for softer steel knives or knives intended to cut through fattier meats and proteins. 

Fine Stone Sharpening

Finished by hand on a fine whetstone (~5000-8000 grit)

Recommended for high quality knives made from steel with a fine, hard grain structure or knives that will primarily be used for vegetable and herb chopping. We'll go through all the previous sharpening methods (stone wheel, medium stone) and finish on a fine grit stone. We generally finish on a synthetic stone anywhere from 5000-8000 grit for a beautifully polished edge. Your knife will cut clean and smooth, gliding through whatever stands before it. 

If you have a preference, let us know what grit you want your knife finished on! We're happy to accommodate most requests!

Additional Services

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Chips happen, but this doesn't have to be the end for your knife. Depending on the severity of the chip, we can repair your knife without removing too much metal, extending the life of your blade.

Often, if the chip is small enough, we'll be able to remove it in sharpening without the need to charge any additional fees. If you're not sure if your chip will cost extra, email us a picture of your knife and we'll let you know!

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Blade Thinning

With repeated sharpening and use, the edge of your blade moves higher and higher into thicker portions of the knife. Once this happens, the geometry of your knife will be changed such that it will feel dull even if the edge is freshly sharpened.

At this stage, we recommend thinning your knife. In this process we will remove metal from the side of the blade, about a third the way up from the edge. This will create a thinner bevel that takes a sharper edge and allows your knife to slice rather than wedge as you use it. 

If you're not sure whether or not your knife needs to be thinned, try cutting through a carrot. The carrot should be cleanly sliced through without any wedging and cracking. 

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Bolster Adjustment

Many Western knives have a built-in bolster at the base or heel of the blade. This can add some structural integrity and weight, but with repeated sharpening can begin to protrude from the edge making it difficult to maintain contact with the cutting board.

We can adjust this back in line with the edge allowing you to use the full length of the blade while chopping. 

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Have a rusty knife? Let us restore it to its former glory.

Depending on the severity of the rust we will charge between $5 and $15 for this service. We have several approaches to tackling rust and can handle even the most severe cases with ease. 

*For full restoration projects, please contact us directly for an estimate. 

Single Bevel Knives

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Stone Sharpening

All single-bevel knives will be sharpened by hand. This is a labor intensive process that requires skill and precision to ensure we put the best edge on your knives.

Depending on the style of knife we will finish on a different stone grit, similar to our medium and fine stone sharpening for double beveled knives.

For usuba and yanagiba, we opt for a higher grit polish for a smooth cutting feel. For deba knives, we will finish on a medium stone, giving your knife a toothy edge.  


Double Bevel Sharpening

Blade LengthKAITEN
Under 5 inches$8$13$19
5-9 inches$10$19$22
9-13 inches$12$22$28
13-18 inches$15$28$32

Additional Services for Double Bevel Knives

Fixing Chips+$10
Blade Thinning+$35
Adjusting Bolster+$5
Small Reshape+$5
Large Reshape+$10
Knife Re-handling $20
Knife Re-handling with handle removal$30

Single Bevel Sharpening

Price Per Inch$3.5

Additional Services for Single Bevel Knives

Fixing Chips+$15-35
Knife rehandling $20 
Knife rehandling with handle removal$30

*Rehandling service offered for Japanese-style handles only. Service price does not include the handle. We do not currently fix Western style handles. 

Can We Sharpen...?

AxesHair scissors
MachetesMachine parts that are not detachable
Carving Knives and Tools
Scissors (if the can be separated)
Japaense ikebana and bonzai tools

Have something that isn't listed?

Send us an email at with a picture attached and we'll let you know what we can do!

Customer Reviews

customer image

I love sending my knives to be sharpened at Seisuke. Quality and sharpness of the finish is superb, service is first-rate, and, with a very quick turnaround, the mail service is as good as I can get locally. When in Portland, stop by for a visit! 

Tim hosking

customer image

Had a pair of Shun knives fine sharpened. 24hr turnaround and well done. Would love to support local next time I’m in the market for knives.

a c

customer image

Had them sharpen a knife of mine and they noticed that the wooden handle was dry and a little rough so they offered to go ahead and sand it down plus give it some oil to soften it up a bit and give it some shine... Service was prompt and the knife came back crazy sharp. I also took the knife sharpening class and found it to be super informative. They're very knowledgeable and have a lot of great tips for upkeep.

Shannon k

customer image

I first visited Seisuke about three years ago to have a few high quality Japanese knives, including one whose blade I had pretty badly nicked, sharpened/ repaired. They handled those excellently and quickly. The nicked one looked (and performs) as good as new. Since then, I have bought three even more beautiful knives from them, a double bevel nakiri, a kamagata usuba (single bevel, of course) and just last week a stunning Yoshimi Kato Damascus R2 steel petty knife. It doesn’t hurt that the folks that work there are super helpful and knowledgeable. Well worth a trip to visit the store (once the pandemic permits) or reliably and safely, buy on-line. I also love that that have sayas in just about every size and shape to protect your knives. Five Stars for sure!

KIrk wallace