Shigeki Tanaka Blue Steel No.2 17 Layer Damascus Japanese Nakiri Knife 165mm with Magnolia Handle

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Shigeki Tanaka

The young Shigeki Tanaka is a skilled craftsman from Miki, Hyogo. His passion for creating knives is as hot as the forge used to make them and to see him hammer steel into knives is spectacular. Tanaka started training and making knives in Takefu, Fukui. Since, he has created many blades under his brand Shigeki-saku. With his radical design and beautiful craftsmanship, his knives are loved by people all over the world.

Knife Type: Nakiri Vegetable
Steel Type: Blue Steel No.2 (High Carbon Steel - Rust Prone)
Blade Type: Double-Edged Blade
Blade Length: 165mm
Blade Height: 49mm
Blade Thickness: 2.7mm
Handle Type: Magnolia (Ferrule: Water Buffalo Horn) 
Handle Length: 130 mm
Weight: 130g
Master Shigeki Tanaka making a Japanese knife

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