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Our Story

Seisuke Knife's mission is to introduce Japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship to customers by selling high quality Japanese knives. At Seisuke Knife, we believe that a kitchen knife is more than just a simple tool to cut food, but an art piece that a craftsman puts their soul into.

Our NE Alberta store has been operating since November 2016. We display a variety of knives from some of the most revered knife craftsmen in the Japanese knife industry such as Yu Kurosaki, Yoshimi Kato, and Katsushige Anryu just to name a few. Come and stop by to experience the world of Japanese knives!

Large Selection

We boast a robust selection of high quality knives imported from Japan. From inexpensive everyday cutlery to beautifully hand-forged knives, we're sure to have the perfect knife for you! 

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Stop by our shop in Portland Oregon and let a member of our staff help you find your perfect fit. With years of experience working with knives, they know the practical differences between the knives and will help you narrow down our vast selection. 

Sharpening Services

Our sharpeners have years of experience and can give you the best edge on your knife. We offer a variety of repair services to skillfully restore your knife to its former glory. 


Every year we celebrate the anniversary of our opening by inviting some of the craftsmen we work closely with to Portland! This is a great time for our customers to meet the hardworking people who make the tools they love.

Plan on stopping by during our next party and get an extra discount on one of the craftsmen's knives!

Highlights of Past Years:

In 2019, Shungo Ogata engraved customers names on his knives!

In 2017, we partnered with Zilla Sake Sushi to purchase a whole Tuna! I can't wait to see what we'll do at our next one! 

Swipe through the pictures to see more from our past events.

Our Portland Team

Since 2016, the team has been sharing their love and knowledge of Japanese kitchen knives to Portland, Oregon. 

Will West

Store Manager / Sharpener

Jun Del Rio

Sales / Customer Support

Alex Balestra

Marketing / Sales 

Alexander Canfield

Sharpener / Sales 

Mitsu Kukino

Knife Sharpener

Our Japan Team

Japanny is our parent company and was founded in 2014 with the intention of promoting traditional Japanese crafts by working closely with the craftsmen. 

Atsuhiro Nakamura


Natsuko Mizumoto

Office Manager

Atsuko Onishi

Fulfillment Team

Tomoka Kawanokami

Fulfillment Team 


Foreign Language Website Manager 

Aki Kato


Rei Lai


Seisuke Knife Kappabashi Team

Our second storefront is located in Kappabashi, Tokyo. This bustling district is home to the restauant suppliers of Tokyo. From frying pans to cooking chopsticks to kitchen knives, Kappabachi has it. 

In March 2022, we opened our third location in Asakusa, Tokyo near the famous Nakamise Street and Sensouji Temple.

If you have the chance to visit Japan be sure to stop by and say "hi"!

Kimi Kusanagi

Store Manager

Tom Onishi

Technical Support 

Tadashi Suzuki



Sales & Technical Support


Sales & Sharpening