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With most of the world quarantined indoors, we hope this page will help you feel a little closer to us and make it easier for you to understand some of the differences within the world of Japanese knives. 


Differences Within Japanese Multipurpose Knife Styles


 Japanese vs Western style handles, which is right for you? 



 A look at the Shigeki Tanaka Silver Steel No. 3 Gyuto 210mm 


 Hideo Kitaoka Blue Steel No. 2 Yanagiba 210mm



 Seisuke Blue Steel No. Ajikiri 105mm



Takeshi Saji R2 Damascus Diamond Finish 210mm Gyuto With Black Micarta Handle


 Yu Kurosaki Shizuku R2/SG2 Hammered Gyuto 270mm


Kanetsune White Steel No.2 11 Layer Damascus Nakiri 165mm