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Mail In Knife Sharpening Service

 Get your knife professionally sharpened and fixed!


Here's how you do it...


Step 1: Email a picture of the knives you want sharpened to and specify the knives you want stone-wheel sharpening or fine-stone sharpening on, please include a ruler for size reference.

For more information about our sharpening services, click HERE

Step 2: We’ll reply to your email with an invoice for the sharpening service and instructions for shipment.


Step 3: Complete the purchase, ship the knives to us, and we'll put the best edge on your knife.

Step 4: We'll send knives back within a week of the order and you can experience the ease and enjoyment of a sharp knife!



Mail sharpening service prices are knife sharpening prices plus $9 for shipping and handling. Orders over $60 get free shipping! For more information about our sharpening service, click HERE


Blade Length



Under 6 inch



6 - 10 inch



10 + inch




*Chipped knives will cost an extra $8