Sharpening Tips: Flattening a Stone

Sharpening Tips: Flattening a Stone

Flattening a Stone

It's important to be working with a flat stone when sharpening in order to maintain a constant bevel angle throughout the process. As we sharpen over time the whetstone will wear down and begin to 'dish', creating a concave surface, which can make it difficult to feel like you are making progress while sharpening. To avoid this we recommend using a stone fixer on your whetstone every time (either before or after) sharpening. This will make sure you are removing metal efficiently with every pass.  


Hash Marks

Hash marks can be used as an effective guide to make sure you are getting your stone completely flat. Start by taking a pencil and marking the surface you are looking to flatten in one direction and then repeat going in the opposite direction. 


As you use the stone fixer, you will notice the marks begin to be erased, this shows you the high points on the stone.

Continue to flatten your stone evenly until all hash marks have been erased resulting in a flat workable surface. 



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  • Will West
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