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Cool Gifts For Knife-Lovers

Atsatsa Antonio

Posted on August 31 2016

No matter what time of the year it is, there's a knife-lover out there who would light up at the sight of these items. Whether they own 1 knife or 150 knives - we all know that one person:) - these are items that add value and signal an understanding of knife-lovers.

Take it from us, who deal with customers everyday in the field of knives... these are not to be overlooked!:)


1. For the simple home chefs

This petty and santoku will do wonders in the kitchen. Coming with a lacquered saya, this petty knife can be stored easily and hold a sharp edge for long periods of time. The santoku knife is layered with a VG1 core steel; great all around knife for meat, veggies, and fish!

Simple designs with high quality steels as the edges will provide a great addition to the kitchen for all purposes. 

2. For the serious home cooks

Still wanting to cook with superb performance in your own kitchen, I recommend this damascus sujihiki knife by Seisuke Knife. The knife comes with a lacquered saya and is made with quality materials. 

The textured blade, allows for vegetables to slide off rather than sticking to the blade. Gonna go through lots of food, this knife will provide the sharpness, length, and durability to handle those long process meals.


3. For the professional chef

Take you kitchenware to the next level with this Yu Kurosaki gyuto knife. Wonderful look and feel that will add that professional touch to every meal.

The materials are of top quality and the look of the knife is one of the most beautiful we have.  


4. Knife Rolls - The knife collectors #1 problem solver

Knife Rolls are for storing multiple knives and keeping them separate in transportation. The knife role keeps knives safely apart from each other so they don't get chipped or scratched, while holding all the knives on a single fabric that can then be rolled up! 

They come in a variety of designs and sizes, great for people who know what they like. In my case, my favorite design is the one in the picture below! 

Click Here for More Sizes and Varieties 

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