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Craftsmen visit Portland

John Kennedy

Posted on May 05 2017

We are happy to announce that four very skilled craftsmen will be visiting us at the end of June. We are planning a few events to give them an opportunity to showcase their talents and techniques to those who have bought their knives or are interested in Japanese knife making. They can't wait and are excited to see what Portland is all about.

Craftsmen Event schedule(as of today, May 27th)

*We are still working on the schedule. Please check regularly for updates.

6/29 (Thu)

Last Thursday ~ 6pm-10pm

Knife sharpening and handle replacement demonstration

6/30 (Fri)

Zilla Sake x Seisuke Knife presents


Fresh Tuna cutting demonstration is a very popular event in Japan. You can see how the whole tuna is cut into specific pieces by skilled chefs from Zilla Sake using the huge sword-like Maguro(Tuna) knife!

7/1 (Saturday only!) 12pm

Portland Craftbeer Festival

Team Seisuke and craftsmen will be participating in the event as a vendor! Drink local beer and meet our craftsmen! They will be happy to Kanpai(cheers) with you :)

7/2 (Sun)

In-store Event (10am-6pm)
Have your knives sharpened/repaired by the craftsmen.
Meet and greet / Photo session

7/3 (Mon)

Sightseeing Day (Store open, craftsmen out exploring)

Craftsmen will go sightseeing in Portland. Let us know if you have any recommendations.



-Yu Kurosaki - (37)

Yu Kurosaki is a young talented blacksmith well known in Japan and among Japanese knife enthusiasts for producing unique and innovative blades. He has so much passion and works hard to offer some of the highest quality Japanese knives that you can find. You can feel his attention to detail when holding any of his knives, but be careful... they are sharp!

Please check his Instagram out!


-Yoshimi Kato- (46)

Yoshimi Kato is a fourth generation knife maker. He has recently taken over for his father and master blacksmith Hiroshi Kato. Has experience working with a wide variety of steels such as Blue Super, VG10. Also produces a special tool for harvesting rice called a 'kama'. 


-Kazuo Nomura- 

Kazuo Nomura is an expert blacksmith and custom handle maker. He is a president of Saji Knife and he makes a variety of hunting knives and kitchen knives. Each knife deserves to have a perfect handle made to fit, and Nomura-san's work is exceptional. He has his own unique design which is simply referred to as a "Nomura Style" handle.



Yamamoto belongs to Yamaken Mokko, who specialize in making fine Japanese rosewood handles. He is a fourth generation handle maker.  Each generation makes their own unique style, and he is currently working on new ideas for how to expand their business. Let us know if you want any specific handle, he might be able to make one by when he visits Portland.


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